Leadership Development Program

What are the Benefits of Leadership Development Programs?

A manager’s or executive officer’s function as a leader may be well-defined and involve leadership authority and power, or it may be more loosely defined, such as a team leader with limited official authority but the duties to get the job done.


Emerging or high-potential leaders are only getting started in their careers. To prepare for the future change from managing oneself to managing others, the initial steps are often to identify emerging leaders, develop self-awareness, build relational skills, and focus on evidence-based leadership abilities.

The following are examples of aspects that can be included in emerging leader development programs:

  • Self-evaluation to determine current areas for growth
  • To practice increased responsibility and accountability, lead an important functional project.
  • Emerging leaders can benefit from group coaching to help them grow together, connect across organizational functions, think about future situations and roles, and build a management attitude.
  • Relationships of mentoring and coaching to expose high-potential leaders to various aspects of the business


As executives advance to enterprise-wide executive positions, the definition of success becomes more complicated. C-suite executives are no longer expected to just manage groups of leaders, but to strategically manage the company as a whole and/or individual business divisions. These leaders are expected to be forward-thinking visionaries who inspire others to take action.

The following are examples of elements that can be included in senior leadership development programs:

  • Individual coaching to address complicated business issues and professional growth objectives
  • Coaching for executive teams to improve team cohesion and the capacity to identify a shared vision
  • 360-degree assessments to find areas for development and how they present themselves as leaders to others.
  • Business acumen and crucial industry-specific abilities can be developed through executive education programs and advanced degrees.

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