Managerial Development Program

Management development is an extremely broad field in which many functional areas interact, although relatively few jobs may be devoted exclusively to management development.

What will you learn?

After successful completion of the program you shall be able to:

  • know yourself better
  • set goals and know how to achieve
  • develop a winning attitude
  • understand people better
  • manage self and your team in a better way
  • comprehend big picture of the business
  • understand & develop your leadership style
  • talk to processes apply lean principles
  • apply process excellence tools in your organization

This program can be broadly divided into three modules:

  • Self-Management

Before managing others one should know how to manage himself/herself. People don’t do what you “say” but what you “do”, so first responsibility of a Manager is managing himself/herself.

  • People Management

Machines require engineers; people need Managers, and Leaders. Most of the leaders fail because of lack of people management skills. “A genuine leader is not a researcher for consensus but molder of consensus”. -Martin Luther King (Jr.).

  • Process Management

What is the secret behind a business that achieves consistent results? Well-defined, consistently executed and evaluated, and continuously improved processes. So, a good manager must know how to map a process, improve a process and even talk to a process. “Better to be consistently good than occasionally great”. -Mark SanbornĀ 

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