HR Consulting

Workx Middle East offers HR consulting services to its clients in UAE and the middle east. We understand the regional context, people, culture, and processes.

In the last century, the importance of Human capital for an organization is consistently rising. In 21st century, HR will play the most important strategic role in an organization. The focus of all modern and traditional organizations is very clear- to capitalize and optimize human potential. Workx uncovers that capital for you with our strategically planned talent management services and innovative HR consulting model.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic HR Consulting
  • HR Policies and procedures
  • Employee Surveys
  • Workplace Surveys
  • 360 Degree Reviews
  • Performance Management Systems
  • L&D Strategy
  • Compensation & Benefit Survey
  • Compensation Standardization
  • Organization Development
  • HR Transformation

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