Corporate Training

Delivering Productivity Goal Mindset Growth

Managerial Development

Residing between effective leadership and efficient employees, effective managers are critical to organizational success. Our Management development program combines principles of Self Management, People Management and Process Management to achieve a long term ROI for the Organization.

Leadership Development

"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." —Ralph Nader The systematic development of good leaders is fundamental to long-term organizational success.

Emotional Intelligence

The future of HR is moving from Transactional HR to Transformational HR. This is an exclusive specialized program for HR Professionals. Duration: 30 hrs l Mode: VILT
Level: All | Certification Body: CPD+HRME

Remote Working

The world of work is changing. Artificial intelligence and automation will make this shift as significant as the mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing. While some jobs will be lost, and many others created, almost all will change. The COVID-19 crisis accelerated existing trends and caused organizations to reevaluate many aspects of work.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful, focused and effective development tool for senior leaders in any organisation. Executive coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support executives to help themselves, and their business, to excel over the long term.

Culture Development

You are an expat or a UAE national, understanding UAE labor law is vital for success in HR roles in UAE. Join our program to understand what MOHRE wants you to know.
Duration: 20 hrs l Mode: VILT
Level: All | Certification Body: CPD+HRME


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, the program is available in Virtual and  Live formats. We can deliver it at your premises as we meet minimum requirements.

We follow ADDIE methodology i.e. Analysis-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate. We believe delivering a program is only one aspect of a successful learning intervention.

Firstly, certification is proof of your professional expertise and helps you to get recognized in professional circles. Secondly, it leads to career development opportunities. It also bridges gaps in your HR knowledge.

We have a dedicated team of experts with experience in the corporate and academic sectors. We also support our students to network with other HR professionals in the region and get better opportunities for the future.

We have trained over 2500 HR Professionals and our first attempt success rate is over 95%. Hence, we have received excellent feedback from all our past students.